Friday, August 6, 2010

Jim James plays Newport & My Morning Jacket hits the studio

These are exciting times to be a MMJ fan.  Jim has been out playing some solo shows including a set at the Newport Folk Festival last week.  Soon he'll be joining up with his MMJ band mates and touring.  I'll be fortunate enough to catch them on August 29th!  As if that's not enough, Rolling Stone posted a interview with Jim revealing that the band has begun recording for it's next album and expect a Springtime 2011 release.  Supposedly they already have 5 songs recorded, here's hoping we'll get to preview them during this tour.  Here's Jim's set from Newport which was broadcast on NPR.

Yim Yames - Newport Setlist:
1- His Masters Voice
2- Wonderful (The Way I Feel)
3- Look At You
4- Tonight I Want To Celebrate With You
5- Bermuda Highway
6- Summer Never Ends
7- It Beats 4 U
8- What A Wonderful Man
9- Sylvie
10- In The Morning
11- Golden
12- Where To Begin
13- Smokin' From Shootin'
14- Gideon
Download: Yim Yames - Newport 2010

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