Monday, December 27, 2010

Upcoming Release: "Kiss Each Other Clean" by Iron & Wine

On January 25th, Iron & Wine will release the much anticipated followup to their 2007 album 'The Sheperd's Dog'.  Titled 'Kiss Each Other Clean', this new release includes 10 new songs form Iron & Wine maestro Sam Beam.  You can hear 2 of the songs (Walking Far From Home & Tree By The River) now on their website.  The artwork for this album looks incredible.  It makes me think of Van Gogh's 'Starry Night' with the neon colors of the Vegas strip. 

Here's a recording I stumbled across of Iron & Wine's performance at Bonnaroo in 2008.  I was at the festival but missed Iron & Wine unfortunately because of conflicting times with Ben Folds & Jack Johnson's performances.  Hopefully I'll finally get to see them sometime this coming year!

1- Boy With A Coin
2- Sodom, South Georgia
3- House By The Sea
4- The Devil Never Sleeps
5- White Tooth Man
6- Peace Beneath The City
7- Pagan Angel And A Borrowed Car
8- Carousel
9- Cinder And Smoke
10- Upward Over The Mountain
11- Love And Some Verses
12- The Night Descending
13- On Your Wings
14- Woman King
15- Wolves (The Sheperd's Dog)
16- The Trapeze Swinger
Download - Iron & Wine - Bonnaroo 08

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