Saturday, June 19, 2010

Up & Coming Band: Atomic Tom

To celebrate my birthday a group of friends and I decided to hit up the Khyber in Old City, Philadelphia.  Along with a hangover I came away from that evening with a new band to follow.  Atomic Tom are an alternative rock band from Brooklyn NY about to break out onto the music scene.  Their sound is a combination of their list of influences (the Killers, the Cure, Franz Ferdinand, etc.).  "Take Me Out" is the lead single off their forthcoming album due out in 2010.  They closed out the set with that song and by the end the entire audience was singing along to the chorus.  Pretty impressive considering it was probably the first time a lot of the people there (including me) had heard it.   Check out the video below and keep a eye out for these guys in the near future. 

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