Thursday, February 18, 2010

Concert Review: 2 Skinnee J's @ the Recher Theatre, MD 2/13/10

The official billing was "An Evening with 2 Skinnee J's-An Acoustically Charged- Tell All Brawl". After years of seeing the J's electrified it was interesting to hear acoustic versions of their songs. The intimacy and interaction this type of show allowed was totally worth it though, and that was the band's plan all along.

Lead singer Special J, guitarist Lance Rockworthy, and bassist Eddie Eyeball walked amongst the crowd playing their instruments, pouring out glasses of wine, and trading off vocals with fans. The middle of the show turned into a Q & A session giving the audience a chance to ask the band some hilarious personal questions. We got to hear about tour antics and the band's early days; spending the better part of the 90's touring in a remodeled short-bus, and having to crash at concert goers homes when they couldn't afford hotels. In the latter part of the show Special J invited fans up on stage to sing and play guitar along with them.

The only shortcoming was co-vocalist J. Guevara's absence. We found out via Q & A question "Where the f@*k is the black guy!?" that J. Guevara is now living in Spain and couldn't attend. That didn't stop the J's from arranging to have him join in and sing a song live via satellite(cough pre-recorded cough)though.

Since disbanding a few years ago, fans have been fortunate enough to see a reunion show every year or two. As long as they continue to do their thing consider my calender marked.

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