Wednesday, March 16, 2011

News & Rumors Galore for Pearl Jam and Eddie Vedder

Websites and blogs have been aflutter the past couple days with news and rumors related to Pearl Jam.  Being the mega-fan that I am, it's been rather exciting.  

First off we've got an interview that bassist Jeff Ament gave with Billboard.  In it he reveals that Pearl Jam are heading back into the studio in April to work on a new album that will hopefully be out this year.  He also says to expect an announcement in April about the rumored Pearl Jam Weekend Festival which may take place over Labor Day weekend.  

Now onto front man Eddie Vedder who is currently playing several solo shows in Australia.  The website Antiquiet has posted a song from Ed titled 'Longing To Belong' which is supposedly on his forthcoming solo album due out in June.  During his stint in Australia earlier this week Ed played several new songs that just may be on the new album.  Titles of the new songs include: 'Without You', 'Broken Heart', 'Sleeping By Myself', 'Light Today', and the previously mentioned 'Longing To Belong'.  

Rumblings of some U.S. dates for the Ed solo tour have also been circulating.  Some people have thrown out the possibility of a show at the Tower in Philly on June 25th.  If it happens you can expect to see me there.

Click Here to listen to 'Longing to Belong' at Antiquiet
Click Here to listen to an audience recording of 'Sleeping By Myself'

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